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Appellate Practice

The skill set of the appellate lawyer is different from the skill set of the trial lawyer. In handling and appeal, the key is focus. Irrelevancies and side-disputes that are common in the trial courts do nothing but detract from the force of the central narrative of the appeal. Focus takes time and planning. It is easy to argue everything, but hard to argue the right thing.

Knowledgeable Counsel

Amer Cunningham Co. L.P.A. has considerable experience appellate advocacy, having appeared before every level of appellate court in the nation, including the United States Supreme Court, the Federal Circuit Courts, the Ohio Supreme Court, the Ohio District Courts of Appeal, and even some state appellate courts outside of Ohio. Through experience developed in hundreds of briefs and oral arguments, Amer Cunningham Co., L.P.A. has represented its clients well both in prosecuting and defending appeals.

Areas of Practice

  • Appellate brief writing and oral argument
  • Prosecution of extraordinary writs and original actions in the courts of appeal
  • Trial court motion practice support and assistance
  • In-trial support for assuring that the record is clear on appeal
  • Evaluation of potential final, appealable orders
  • Amicus curiae representation

Jack Morrison, Jr., and Thomas M. Saxer are available for consultation in the above practice areas and other appellate matters. They can be reached by calling 330/762-2411 or via e-mail at Jmorrison@amer-law.com or Tsaxer@amer-law.com.

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