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Appellate Practice Law

Your business must address and comply with a wide variety of legal issues and requirements. These matters are encountered when forming or acquiring an enterprise, when operating a business day-to-day and when selling, liquidating or otherwise disposing of an enterprise.


Emerging Trends in Appellate Practice

Appellate practice, a dynamic and evolving facet of the legal profession, is witnessing significant shifts as the legal landscape embraces technological advancements and responds to changing societal norms. In this article, we delve into the emerging...


Oral Advocacy in Appellate Courts

Oral advocacy in appellate courts stands as a paramount skill, where legal professionals have the opportunity to present compelling arguments, address judges' inquiries, and shape the trajectory of a case. This artful practice goes beyond the written...

Knowledgeable Counsel

We understand that legal fees can be a burden when your clients stop paying you. In many cases, we can offer contingency or other alternative fee arrangements to help ease that burden and assure you some predictability.

Appeal Experts

Appeal Experts

Skilled attorneys crafting powerful appellate briefs and presenting compelling oral arguments for your case’s success.

Prosecution Appeals

Prosecution Appeals

Amer Cunningham Law excels in Prosecution Appeals, offering strategic advocacy and thorough legal representation in appellate courts.

Motion Support

Motion Support

Comprehensive assistance in trial court motion practice, empowering your case with effective winning strategies.