Nonprofit, Tax Exempt & Local Counsel Attorneys

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Non-Profit Practice

Amer Cunningham Law Firm provides counsel in Nonprofit, Tax Exempt & Local Counsel matters, guiding organizations through legal complexities with precision and dedication.


Non-Profit Governance

Non-profit organizations are driven by their mission to serve the community, but effective governance is crucial to their success and sustainability. This article delves into the importance of non-profit governance, outlining key principles and best ...


Mastering Local Dynamics

Mastering the dynamics of local jurisdictions is a critical element for legal success, and this article delves into the impact of local counsel practice on building a formidable legal team. Whether dealing with litigation, transactions, or regulatory...

Knowledgable Counsel

Our firm offers knowledgeable counsel on Nonprofit, Tax Exempt & Local Counsel, providing comprehensive guidance on regulatory compliance, tax exemptions, and community advocacy.

Tax-Exempt Status Assistance

Tax-Exempt Status Assistance

Guiding nonprofits through the complex process of obtaining and maintaining tax-exempt status, ensuring financial stability and compliance.

Governance and Compliance

Governance and Compliance

Advising on governance structures, policies, and compliance strategies to foster transparency, accountability, and organizational resilience.

Grant Funding and Allocation

Grant Funding and Allocation

Assisting nonprofits in securing grant funding, managing resources effectively, and aligning financial strategies with their mission for maximum community impact.